Bob Tistch

Bob Tistch,

Content and Advertising Director

Bob Tistch has been a technology journalist and marketing executive for more than 20 years. An expert in covering and promoting emerging technologies, Bob has been the founder of numerous print and online properties as well as events in the telecommunications, channel and 3D printing spaces. Having worked both sides of the contract, Bob is a skilled advertising and sponsorship negotiator and is well versed in technology events management—from hotel and facilities negotiations to booth, sponsorship and program development. Bob is also an accomplished writer and editor, having worked for years atop a diversified division of technology publications. At BuzzTheory, Bob’s efforts are focused on high-value content development, strategic advertising initiatives and event support. A graduate of UCLA film school, Bob is a cinephile at heart and can be often be found at the theater in his free time, remaining seated at every showing until the last credits have rolled and the lights come on. Bob lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, son and daughter.