Robert Frost

Robert Frost,

Art Director

Robert Frost is a visual artist with a wide range of both modern and traditional influences. Born into a Danish marketing family, he studied marketing in college and went to work for an advertising agency, showing and selling the creative works of leading artists in a Miami firm before taking the full plunge as an artist himself. He took to visual art like a duck to water and quickly became an art director, designing retail catalogs for large department store brands across the country—an experience that expanded his scope of expertise to include photo directing and learning the ins and outs of professional photography. Robert moved from tropical Miami and its culturally diverse art and social scene to the serene Pacific Northwest, taking over a clothing catalog start-up division for Harry and David, where his design chops shaped the catalogs and his photography expertise led him to manage and shoot much of the fashion photography directly. Robert eventually broke out on his own, performing design and photography work for companies and brands worldwide. Robert first worked with BuzzTheory on the design side of a large technology conference we were launching for a media client. Today he directs many of our visual design projects, both digital and print.