Content that Creates Connections

Content Development & Marketing

Content that connects companies with their customers and sales partners is our core value proposition. From industry leaders and trade associations to technology media and events properties, ours is one of the most proven, heavily-sourced content teams in the technology distribution space.

High-Value Media & Influencer Relations

PR, Media & Influencer Relations

Media and PR campaigns are all about the pitch. As content experts, we dig deep for the hooks and stories that generate meaningful coverage for our customers and connections between media and their audiences. And as one of the go-to firms ourselves for tech media and trade associations seeking high-value content, we are always knowledgeable about what’s in demand today and on the horizon tomorrow.

Technology as a Competitive Weapon

Digital Marketing, Multimedia & Apps

We leverage technology to redefine and cement the relationships between our customers and their customers. Whether it’s marketing automation and digital/social platforms or even custom development of customer-facing or sales-force-enabling portals, we use bleeding-edge technology solutions to keep our customers ahead of the curve. And if the solution we need doesn’t exist, we build it.


Distribution-Ready Social Media

Social Media Strategy, Marketing & Management

We harness the power of social media to enhance all of our clients’ marketing objectives through the distribution of unique content (in social media as well as other activities, our content chops deliver distinct advantages to our clients) and strategic engagement with customers, distribution partners and prospects. We also help our clients manage the post and frequency demands of social media, and develop strategies for awareness and follower growth.

Results-Driven Marketing Strategies

Strategy, Research & Planning

From surveys to competitive analysis to the development of full-blown marketing plans, our team leverages years of executive management and consulting experience to develop strategies that help brands generate value, raise their profiles and capture, retain and defend market share.


Brand Strategies that Drive Revenue

Brand Strategy

Our heavy experience – and ongoing collaborations –  with influencers allow us to create unique opportunities for brand positioning where it counts. Like all activities at BuzzTheory, our approach to brand-building is strategic, tangible and firmly centered on softening prospects for sales and marketing activities, and hardening defenses against retail competitors and distribution-channel poachers.

Creative with Engagement Baked In

Creative Development

Our creative development activities are centered on building value and driving growth. We leverage our core strengths in content mastery to create impactful creative assets that provoke thought, communicate and deliver value, drive readership and generate leads, prospects and customers. Whether it’s working collaboratively with client artists and contractors or developing assets soup-to-nuts in-house, our work always has user engagement and audience relevance built in from the get-go.

Standard-Setting Events

Event Planning & Management

Our executive team has collectively developed, marketed and managed dozens of industry-leading events for technology associations, media firms and leading technology brands in IT, communications, 3D printing and more. From custom promotions within events to the main events themselves, we leverage our deep content knowledge and connections with leading brands, thought leaders and influencers to drive high-value conferences, education sessions, seminars, and social and networking events.

Proven Team. Proven Results.


Clients Using BuzzTheory for Multiple Objectives


Existing Client Share of New Projects in 2019


Clients Achieving Revenue Growth in 2019


Clients Achieving Revenue Growth in 2018

In the Works

2019 BuzzTheory Objectives

More In-House Data and Statistics

A major 2019 objective for BuzzTheory is to complement our knowledge and experience base with more in-depth surveys and trending panels on vital information that can help our clients maximize their opportunities for success.

Enhanced Video Production

In 2018 we refined our video development process to deliver clients high-end video content more quickly. For 2019, we are refining new processes that empower us to deliver high volumes of short-form video content for client sales, marketing and communications activities.

Factory Graphic
  • Content 100% 100%
  • Strategy 92% 92%
  • Media & Influencer Relations 100% 100%
  • Brand Development 72% 72%
  • Marketing Technology 62% 62%
  • Creative Development 96% 96%
  • Social Media 84% 84%
  • Events 88% 88%

Client Services Mix

In 2018 BuzzTheory achieved a significant milestone that few marketing firms achieve, with 100 percent of our clients now relying on us for multiple marketing and communications objectives. There is no stronger sign of success in a marketing firm than when your clients trust you to with multiple areas of mission-critical responsibility. Our most recent snapshot of client activity found that a majority of our clients use BuzzTheory in all of our core practice areas — from 62 percent relying on us to help them identify, manage or leverage marketing technologies to 100 percent relying on us for both content development and media relations.

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